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About Flathead Junk Removal

Flathead Junk Removal is a company committed to serving customers with five star service, while giving back to the community. We aim to empower our employees as well by helping them to take the next step to business ownership once they have demonstrated the motivation and drive necessary to do so. This core belief derives from our Founder Ken Matejek’s belief that we can offer services which make our business successful while also giving back to the community and helping advance our employees. This makes it a winning proposition for customers, employees and Flathead!

Flathead Junk Removal

Mission Statement

To our customers; Flathead Junk Removal’s mission is to offer fairly priced junk removal services accompanied by five star service throughout the process. To our employees; Flathead Junk Removal’s goal is to empower individuals who have the desire and motivation to succeed with “sweat equity” opportunities enabling Flathead to accomplish the same stated mission to even more individuals while offering avenues to business ownership which otherwise may not be possible.

6611 Twin Cedars Ct,

Fredericksburg, VA, 22407

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