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About Ken Matejek

Ken Matejek is the Founder and fearless leader of Flathead Junk Removal. As soon as Ken visited the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia he immediately fell in love with the people and beautiful area. He knew that this would be the area which he set forth to create Flathead Junk Removal.

Ken’s Accomplishments

Ken Matejek is an accomplished businessman who has been able to generate success at multiple companies operate in multiple industries. This wealth and range of experience is what has enabled Ken to now shift his focus to providing as many opportunities to other potential entreprenuers!


General Motors Sales

Ken was in the Top 10% of new car sales for General Motors in 2009.


Paul Cummings Worldwide Enterprises

#2 in the USA & Canada for sales.



As a franchisee of SERVPRO Ken hit a milestone volume of $1.7 million in volume during 2018 and received a rolex as a thank you!

Supporting Vets in Plymouth

Ken’s commitment to supporting veterans is not something new. This is something he has made a commitment to throughout his years in business. During his time with SERVPro in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In just one year, Ken donated $15,000 to veteran agents in the area he was doing business. However, this was not a one-time deal. Over his time with SERVPro, Ken donated nearly $40,000 to veteran causes! Now he wants to help empower veterans through a sweat equity hiring program.

Toby Keith’s American Soldier

Ken’s Success at SERVPRO

Ken Matejek’s success at SERVPRO is undeniable. Don’t just take Flathead’s word for it. Hear directly from the granddaughter of the Founder of SERVPRO herself. During Ken’s time at SERVPRO they visited and recorded him talking about his success and asking how they can model it at other locations throughout the United States

Ken’s Motivation

One of Ken’s favorite videos to watch is this speech by Denzel Washington which he gave to a graduating university class and based upon a quote from the classic movie Remember the Titans, “I am a winner. I am going to win.”.