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Ken Matejek Bio

Ken Matejek is the Founder and fearless leader of Flathead Junk Removal. Take the time to get to know Ken by reading his biography below.


Ken Matejek is originally from Seymour, Connecticut. He graduated high school in 1990 and on the day of his graduation he enlisted in the United States Navy. He left for boot camp on December 4th, 1990. Ken was in the Navy and stationed in Patuxent Naval Air Station and Moffett Field. Ken worked on P-3 Orion’s which are anti-submarine warfare planes. He was a jet engine mechanic after his enlistment. Ken got out with an honorable discharge in 1994. Ken went to Middlesex community college for one year and decided that he was not in the state that he wanted to be in and he moved back to Maryland.

Ken stayed in Maryland for 14 years and during those 14 years; he was in sales. Achieving a rank in the top 10% of the country for General Motors. When the recession hit in 2009, Ken and his wife sold their home. They used the equity from that sale and purchased a SERVPRO franchise out of Plymouth, Massachusetts. After 10 successful years, Ken and Rebecca sold their franchise and decided to take a motorcycle trip across country. They shipped their motorcycle to California and they both flew out. As they road back they fell in love with Flathead County, home to Glacier National Park. After a few months back in Massachusetts, they decided that they were going to sell their home and purchase land out in Montana where they would build a custom dream home.

Unfortunately for Ken, what should have been a dream turned out to be a nightmare. While the dream house in Montana did not work out as he would have preferred, Ken’s spirit was only temporarily dampened. Returning to the East Coast, Ken would find rejuvenation and a new drive to succeed.

Ken decided to relocated his life to back to the East Coast and purchased a house in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Ken is now looking forward to developing Flathead Junk Removal into multiple locations throughout Virginia. Over the next decade, Ken will expand services to offer dumpster rentals, porta potty rentals, mold remediation and light demolition. Ken has always been a hard worker. When he was young he had several accounts by the time he was 10 years old; shoveling driveways, raking leaves, cutting grass and chopping wood. He had a strong work ethic because of two main people in his life his father and his father’s father, his grandfather. Ken worked his grandfather’s farm from the time he could walk and that’s evident today in the way he applies himself to Flathead Junk Removal.

Ken’s Motivation

One of Ken’s favorite videos to watch is this speech by Denzel Washington which he gave to a graduating university class and based upon a quote from the classic movie Remember the Titans, “I am a winner. I am going to win.”.

Ken’s Playlist

Our Founder’s Favorite Songs

Music is an important part of everyone’s lives, learn more about Ken by checking out his playlist of favorite songs.