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Now Offering Dumpster Rentals!

Dumpster Rental

Flathead Junk Removal is a trusted source of junk removal services in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. You can now also rely on Flathead Junk Removal for dumpster rentals as well!

Rent a Dumpster

Without the Hassle & Cost!

Finding a dumpster available for rent in Fredericksburg, Virginia can be a difficult undertaking. Limited availability has made cost skyrocket and in many cases leaves home or business owners in a bind trying to clear out a space or project. Fortunately, residents of Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas can rely on Flathead Junk Removal for dumpster rentals in addition to the awesome junk removal services offered by Flathead.

It has become more common for us to hear from customers that they were looking for a dumpster, but were unable to find one available to suit what they needed. For this reason, Flathead Junk Removal now offers our dump trailer for rent. The function is exactly the same as your traditional dumpster; however, cost is lower and damage to your paved surfaces is much less likely!

Contact Flathead Junk Removal by phone, or by filing out the form below to receive a quote for your dumpster rental service. Flathead Junk Removal serves Fredericksburg and the surrounding area with both junk removal and dumpster rental services. We are a veteran owned company and donate 5% of our net profits to Haven 4 Heros to help fight veteran homelessness.

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Request Your Dumpster Rental Service

Ready to request your dumpster rental? Whether it is for your home or your business, Flathead Junk Removal is here ready to assist the residents of Virginia with outstanding service at a fair price.